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April 10, 2015
The Judge Notes:

We Have Decided To Publish Special Updates To The Shadow Rather Than A Weekly Update. Here Is the First!
The Police Chief and the City Manager - Again!
We have it on good authority that there was some really good reasons why the last police chief left in such a huff. And we think they all lay at the dorrstep of the City Manager, But what we recently heard regarding some highly controlled police seizure funds is of great concern. We are checking this out and will probably report our findings in the next edition of the Shadow. That is if some media outlets don't wake up, do some investigative reporting, and beat us to it.

So stay tuned for more!

Not much of return from my efforts with Hathaway or Sachs. Must be too busy catering to the City Manager. And I can't find the County Chair anywhere except 12 miles north of Pierson, but I don't have tall enough boots to get through the horse dung. So I guess I will go surfing for a while with my best girl.
More Poor Planning and Bad Press for the NSB City Manager and Staff

As we have been reading, the City has decided on another boondoggle, led by our favorite boondoggle Commissioner, Judy Reiker, to start charging a fee to people who park on the beach lots such as the one on the end of Flagler. But alas the County has gotten wind of this and there is a pending resolution (you can view it HERE) before it on next week's meeting, to rescind the CRA authorization that they gave the City if the City goes through with its current plan for parking fees.

You see the City, without using its head and past experiences with F.I.N.D. (the issue over non-resident fees to use the boat ramps paid for with F.I.N.D. funds), decided to charge non-NSB residents to park in the lots. Since the County gives NSB CRA money from taxes received from all over Volusia County and also contributes county-wide taxes to the construction and maintenance of these beachside parking lots, they were not happy with the situation and are proposing this resolution which will rescind the recently granted CRA for US1. What the County is doing is cutting down the money grab by our ruthless City Manager and telling the City to either not charge or charge all citizens of the County the same rate.

What it really means is that this is but another example of this City demanding and grabbing money from everyone to fund what should be City funded operations. Our question is when will the new Mayor get mad enough with this continued poor performance on the part of the City Manager tboot her. We think the time is now and support the current citizen efforts to get her out.
James Moore and Company and Tourism Taxes

Well James Moore and Company, the County (and NSB auditors) must be experiencing a slow period. The County just threw them a bone and gave them $80,000 to see if the County was collecting all the tourism taxes (rental properties pay this tax) that is due. They selected 40 accounts across the three authorities (Halifax, SEVAA, and WVAA) of which 7 were from SEVAA. They found that a little over $40,000 was due the County and have collected a little over $27,000. What was interesting, aside from the excessive cost for the audit ($80,000 to indentify $43,000 and collect $27,000), was that the bulk of the non-payers were from Daytona Beach area. You guessed it, the area that keeps coming back to the County for money (ISC, hotels, etc) and the area that wants to get cars off the beach for a favored few and thus potentially adding to NSB beach traffic. And the area where the bulk of Deb Deny's campaign donations came from (over 60% we hear).

This audit was so simple that most any accountant could have done it; you don't need a CPA firm to handle it. In fact, if the County has an Inspector General (as the Shadow has repeatedly called for) the IG could have done for no direct costs. Just another example of the County throwing away your tax money  to a favored few. And you need also to know that James Moore is not the taxpayer's friend; they only answer questions to the client, the County government in this case

Read the file HERE.