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September 15,, 2015
The Judge Notes:

Charter Review Commission Meets At NSB LIbrary Tonight At 5:30 PM
The Police Chief and the City Manager - Again!
We have it on good authority that there was some really good reasons why the last police chief left in such a huff. And we think they all lay at the doorstep of the City Manager, But what we recently heard regarding some highly controlled police seizure funds is of great concern. We are checking this out and will probably report our findings in the next edition of the Shadow. That is if some media outlets don't wake up, do some investigative reporting, and beat us to it.

So stay tuned for more!

Happy Fourth to my friends and readers. Had a nice talk with the County Chair while he was cleaning up his horse barn. Pretty deep stuff if I may say so. Wish he could clean up some the stuff at the Council, but then he is only one vote. He did give me some new assignments and I will keep you posted.
More of the Same Good Old Boys and Girls for the Charter Review Commission

Tomorrow, July 2, 2015, the County Council will appoint members of the 2015 Charter Review Commission. As reflected in the agenda item list of applicants, it is more of the same old tired list of campaign contributors who just want to make sure that their agendas (and not those of the average voter) are protected in any recommended changes to the Charter. You can read that list HERE ( a big file and will take some time to load), which was obtained from the published agenda.

This cast of actors includes, Glen Ritchey, J. Hyatt Brown, Glen Storch, and Stan Escudero, among others. All of whom we bet will get appointed by their surrogate Council Members that they supported with contributions during their election to the dais. The result will be no measurable changes for the good in the Charter and thus business as usual at the expense of the taxpayers and voters. We will not see any comprehensive reform to the backroom antics of the politicians or the senior county workers or elected ones, nor will there be anything to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely or that the voter's position on issues is reflected in the elected one's behavior. We will not see any new and needed controls added to the charter such as an Inspector General position to watch over the questionable actions of our government.

No readers, it will be business as usual and only the already rich and famous will benefit as Council Members like Deb Denys, Doug Daniels, and Pat Patterson, to name but a few, do their patrons bidding. Oh yes, as a result, your taxes will increase and more money and land will be given away (translation YOUR beaches) to developers.

The blogers have been very good with complying with the Shadow's rules on posting, so we are going to open the blog back up and you will not have to wait to see your blog posted. But if it falls backward, we will reinsitute the requirement that we scann all bogs. LETS KEEP IT RIGHT THIS TIME!
Another Example of Status Quo and The Voter Left Out

A blogger received the following message from Deb Denys County email. It further demonstrates how far from reality the Council and the elected ones are from the average voter. Take look at the membership of the Charter Review Committee. It is chaired by Hyatt Brown and vice-chaired by Glen Ritchy. The same old club of money people who only want their share of the pie and want it without any strings or controls. Then look at Pat Northery; the people spoke and voted her out, but these politicos on the Council have disregarded that vote and put her back where she can continue to do damage to the County. A better candidate would have been Joie Alexander, but then she is not a member of the Gang of Four and Northey was. Then the biggest backdoor of them all is reserved for Deb Denys, who sponsors Ellen Darden’s husband and Stan Escudero, who is the opposite of the voice of the people, a self-centered egotist who thinks he runs the Republican Party and does it through his surrogate Tony Ledbetter. Neither one of these two actually represents the voter but then neither does Denys. But then we have Frank Bruno, who may be able to keep this group on the right track.

So what is the most urgent message for this Charter Review committee? We need them to take a stand and stop all of the backdoor money giveaways, wasting of tax dollars, lack of transparency, ineffective official actions, nonsense budget documents, and violations of the Sunshine through meetings at the wine bar or Dinneen’s Council shopping and approve the inclusion of an Independent Inspector General position within the Volusia County Government. An Independent Inspector General, who conducts independent, competent, and compliant with accepted standards reviews of spending, county department and program operations, waste, fraud and abuse allegations, as well compliance with State and County laws and regulations. The waste of taxpayer money that plagues the transportation fund (remember we have gas taxes other counties do not), budget goals and objectives process (poorly written, non-evaluatable objectives), funding of questionable special investigations that bear no fruit and violate the Public Documents Law (by destroying investigative/deposition audio tapes) and just plain bad management practices. An example is the past and current fiascos with the SVAA; the auditing firm does not even come close to a full IG investigation report and is essentially worthless (besides they want to keep their contract). An Independent Inspector General can investigate, subpoena, and interview to get to the facts and then produce an unbiased report to the Council. While the Council can assign the IG tasks, he can assign his own and set his own agenda for the fiscal year and publish same on a public web site. For once the people would not have to navigate the barriers placed in their way to the truth by Dinneen’s co-hort Dave Byron. Indepenant Inspector Generals are found throughout Federal, State, and local governments and many have been in place for over 50 years. They continue to prove their worth by uncovering and exposing bad practices and wasted dollars and thus a valuable asset to the government, but also much more valuable to the taxpayer as they guarantee their voice is heard over the cover-ups. You only have to read the political news to see them at work countering the politicos (e.g., two currently asking why classified emails were on somebody's personal email server.)

While there is much more to the IG story, we will start with this and suggest that our readers should contact the people listed on the Denys email (READ HERE) and demand that this Indepenent Inspector General position be put on the table. We know the elected ones will be violating the Sunshine and getting to these committee members behind closed doors to avoid it at all costs. We will be presenting sample IG documents in future articles and will forward them to the Charter Review Committee. We need this IG position now to help retake control of our County from the high and the mighty (their view; not ours). And don't forget to attend the meeting at 5:30 at the NSB Library and watch the annointed ones with the money run your county.