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July 16th, 2014
Updated July 30, 2014
Carl – Pure and Stupid….

Carl Watson, AKA Cowboy Carl, is at it again. He can’t come up with anything original so he decides to change the branding of the SVAA. Claims he got some complaints from the City, most probably Pammie since she can’t handle the Smart Growth people on the North Causeway, OPPS Coronado Blvd and needs a diversion. Or maybe it is good old Deb Denys, stirring up a situation so she can ride on her donkey (provided by the Democratic Party since she is a RINO), and fix it. (You remember, she had to fix it "once and for all" because that former SVAA chair would not give her friends any money.)

But back to Carl. Just what has he done since he has arrived her? We can’t find a single original thought, but he did jump right in and eat free on the taxpayer dime, along with his sidekick, Facebook gal and girl Friday. Seriously folks, we find his efforts to drum out Tim Hamby's original work. The efforts to market this area by him and the current board fall flat no matter which way you look at it, especially if you are looking for a plan of some kind. Just ask him where it is.

But then maybe we should wait for the 1 year overdue marketing plan to see just what is up his sleeve. But waiting might just put us to sleep again as has his performance since spending over $700.00 to feed a bunch of bicyclists who were already here is less than spectacular. We think it is time to just do away with these ad authorities and outsource the marketing to a real advertising firm in NYC. Can’t hurt as these have done little or nothing to demonstrate respect for the tax money
The Judge Notes:

1. New Smyrna Beach has shown after
five years it needs neither a Mayor
nor City Council. They left it to Pam.
But, Jim Hathaway would be a decent
mayor and could possibly turn this
around, especially if he got rid of
Pammie. We have had our disagreements
with him from time to time, but he is bright and knows the ropes. We have never thought of him as part of the fried chicken circuit. 

2. On the other hand, Jack Grasty has never voted to reduce taxes, only to increase them to benefit his favored employee unions and his MDC friends. Now if you want a judge for the quality of the chicken at the latest chicken dinner he has attended, then he is your man. Beyond that, he can't even answer an email on his City provided laptop.  Is this who you want running the NSB government; we think not!

3. How did $1.2 million in trash pick up overcharges get transferred to the NSB general fund? It is in the last audit. Ask Pam! Where did the money go? Fried chicken dinners?
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City Marina V. Anglers Club's $25 dollar per year rent: What, 20 slips for $25 bucks?

Compare City Marina: What are your Dockage Rates?

Rates include:
Daily (7 days or less) $1.25 per foot, per day
Weekly (7 days) $7.50 per foot, per week
Annual Contract* (per month) $10.30 per foot, fixed docks and $11.33 per foot, floating docks. Annual Contract Rate is based on the greater of length of boat or slip size. Minimum slip – 28’.
Liveaboard Fee $125 per month.
City Marina:
Ask the Mayoral candidates if they think this tax giveaway to the Anglers Club is fair to the taxpayers. Or ask the FBI, they are in town.