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September 1, 2016
The Judge Notes:

Thanks for Voting
You Did Your Part And Voted

Norman is on vacation in Rio attending the Olympics. He will be back when he gets back.

Once again we find it necessary to remind the bloggers of the Shadow's rules for posting. We have one narrow minded individual who can't read nor understand who owns this site. Most of you get it and we welcome your blogs. LETS KEEP IT RIGHT THIS TIME!
Local Volusia County Politics
Well we have a new Sheriff and a couple of pairings for the Fall General election for County Chair and a Council Member. As we expected Rubio and DeSantis won their primaries and we will now see a battle for the Senate if the pundits are correct. We have some more insights on the election as we move into September.

So come back and visit with us again. And thanks for exercising one of our most cherished rights; the Right to Vote for our government.

NSBShadow 09/01/16
The Judge is babysitting Norman and will return shortly with some insight.